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Facilitating & Accelerating Mobility Innovation for Cities. 

Our annual report highlights the projects, initiatives, and outcomes we delivered in 2021. From urban air mobility to electric vehicle charging and last mile robot delivery, our work has moved cities forward amid the rapid pace of innovation.

2021 Annual Report

Our Approach

Urban Movement Labs is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit collaboration of government, businesses, and the community to design and deploy transportation tech solutions in real urban conditions.

We build pathways for emerging transportation technology by supplementing city resources as a trusted third space to rapidly develop policy, and scale data-informed, community-driven and tech-enabled mobility solutions. Our work helps communities enjoy a more livable, inclusive and resilient future.



Facilitating and enabling the adoption and transition to zero emission mobility options and preparing for electrical grid demands


Informing mobility safety challenges and identify new solutions to protect vulnerable roadway users

Urban Freight

Working towards solutions that move goods to people while reducing emissions and costs to achieve climate goals

Robotics & Autonomy

Preparing for robotic mobility systems and autonomous solutions to revolutionize mobility on the ground and in the air

Advanced Air Mobility

Informing policy frameworks for advanced air mobility in urban spaces by bringing together industry, community, and government

Intelligent Infrastructure

Leveraging smart roadside technology for safer, more efficient, and more communicative mobility systems

Integrated Mobility

Expanding mobility hubs and reliable mobility options to improve mobility access and community connectivity

Asset Management

Exploring tools to collect data and inform city services to improve maintenance, management, safety, and use of city assets

Our Impact

Economic Opportunity

We leverage our position to encourage new mobility tools and accompanying economic opportunities and workforce development.

Equity & Inclusion

Our transportation system must accommodate and be accessible to all users, especially our most vulnerable community members.

Sustainability & Resiliency

Our transportation system must evolve to address the immediate challenges of climate change, sea-level rise, and extreme weather.

Featured News

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The ideal candidate has studies or experience in transportation planning, community engagement, and emerging technologies. The Program Assistant will support the team in researching and deploying projects...

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You can help us vet and test new mobility technologies to ensure communities have a voice and benefit from innovative transportation options.


Leading community projects, mobility is the through-line to connect and participate in our communities


We help private-sector partners navigate the city and accelerate the deployment of urgent solutions